Your heart is a hole and love is just lust

Everything worth saying has already been said

ESN: How to tell someone they're beautiful and make them believe it (for dummies)

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I have spent $8.40 on a book and it has taught
me nothing. I cannot write a poem on someone’s mirror
and make words change the way they see their face.
I cannot tell them the same thing over and over again,
chirping like a parrot with no sense. It won’t make
any difference.

Words, I guess, don’t…

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Kate's Blog: On loving a young writer


It’s dangerous to love a blossoming writer.
When you fall in love with her, don’t forget that she’s still just
learning how to handle words, how to treat them and hold them.
Remember that she will attach significance to everything you say,
that she will cite a casual phrase you uttered three…

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Eyes locked

A mirage of the middle distance

Heavy beats strain

Against My feeble frame

Weakened by memory

And refrain.

Trans Pennine pining

Leaving it’s scars

Of an endless longing

On a lonesome heart.






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